pyim2: you’ve been a bad little boy! Mr. T’s comin over dressed as santa while you sleep!

thePfhitz: NOOO!

thePfhitz: not mr t!

pyim2: he’s gonna dump hot lumps of coal in your bed!

thePfhitz: nooo!

pyim2: oh yea!

thePfhitz: it’s the kool-aid man!

pyim2: oh yeah!

pyim2: *__*

thePfhitz: hehe

pyim2: the only new game your getting for christmas is yhatzee

pyim2: hahaha

thePfhitz: lol

thePfhitz: does that mean i can toss someone out a window? lol (one of pete’s roommates once busted a window when he got into a fight over yahtzee, lol)

pyim2: no, you can’t toss someone out a window!

pyim2: unless its santa’s dwarfs, and its for competition purposes

thePfhitz: ok, bedtyme

thePfhitz: time to get ready for santy

pyim2: make sure he doesnt have a mohawk

pyim2: he he

thePfhitz: lol

merry christmas! ^_^ just got back from midnight mass, and now it’s time to get ready for bed… ^-^

kind of odd, though… it didn’t feel like christmas this year… partly because how i’m working almost every single day and having to work the day before christmas and the day after christmas with no sort of winter break (since no school for me this year, no winter break either), christmas just feels like it’s just another day, really… but i feel a bit better about it since our pastor gave a sermon at mass how every day can be christmas, so now i’m not as concerned with myself… ^_^

alright… time to put my presents under the tree and go to bed… g’night! ^_^