bedtime! then call adecco in the morning! then go to work from 9 am – 6 pm! then come home! then have dinner! then wrap presents! then go to midnight mass since i’ll be working while everyone else goes to mass! then christmas morning! yatta! yatta!

so if i go to sleep now, christmas will come faster, lol (stueypark knows what i’m talking about, hehe)

work today was kinda slow (surprising since yesterday we were so rushed). the schedule i worked out with the other temp (taking a cue from the previous week’s schedule that the other temp and one of the managers and myself worked out) had me working 12 pm – 5 pm today. but when i was having the manager sign my timesheet…

manager: “what time is it?”

me: *looks at watch* “um… 5 o’clock…”

manager: “who’s covering the rest of the shift then?”

me: “what?”

manager: “we’re open until 8…”

me: “huh? the schedule we had worked out before had me working until 5 pm on sunday!”

manager: “what? well, can you stay one more hour until 6?”

me: “sure, i guess…”

we didn’t really get busy in that extra hour, either. hah. turned out also that while the salespeople thought that the store would be open until 6 like it usually is, they were made to stay later too. one lady who usually left at 4 had to stay until 8!

i still can’t believe that they scheduled me for 13 hours on wednesday… one of our salespeople told me that the store is a zoo on the day after christmas, and about 75% of the people who come in go straight to customer service to get their phone exchanged. looks like i’ll have to take a list of people waiting to see customer service that day too, then…

and when i got home today kelly had some friends of hers over (apparently they were trying to schedule something for them all to hang out last night, but they couldn’t). kelly had me show them my eva music video and they really liked it and we talked about ddr (since they saw my mad collection of ddr mp3s, hehe) and various lounge/dance music. ^_^

ok, bedtime! ^_^