went to dan’s place today and met drin and her boyfriend scott… we four basically just hung out at dan’s place with a short trip to mcdonalds for dinner (yay for driving on the wrong side of the road ^^;;; i can’t help it if the street signs confounded me… ^^;;;;)

while we were at dan’s place we played dance dance revolution which drin and scott brought along – it was the first time dan and i ever played it but it was lots of fun ^__^ when dan and his brother buy themseves a ps2 i’m going to liberate their old playstation just for dance dance revolution, hehe ^_^ i also made a copy of the soundtrack to 4th mix that scott had, so i’m starting to rebuild my ddr/jpop mp3s ^_^ (sets about 240 ddr songs to download via audiogalaxy, muhahaha)

set up all the stuff for trading stocks online… altogether today i made $0.13 on the market, lol… hey, that’s $0.13 i didn’t have beforehand, hehe ~_^

have to work tomorrow from 10 am – 4 pm, then off to my friend tom’s place to then leave from there to go to jillian’s (a bar/restaurant/arcade for adults) ^^

and then i get to work from 12-5 on sunday, woo… don’t know what my schedule is going to be like at all next week, what with a) holiday, and b) the other temp flying out to colorado tomorrow (saturday) to straighten things out with his realtor…