grrr…. i want the legs for my table and my chair! ^^;; but they’re not due to be here for another… um… 2 weeks… ^^;

i got a packet in the mail from “putnam investments” – it’s this informational kit about my temp agency’s 401(k) plan. this thing came in this large white envelope, and that was inside an even larger brownish envelope. i don’t know anything about 401(k) plans other than what this book i was reading from the library once said, and that was to put in as much money as you possibly can from your paychecks into your 401(k). and from what i’ve read so far, this thing lets you put in up to 20% of your paychecks before tax. so that’s what i’m going to do.

i also set up stuff with an online stockbroker today…… it’s more meant for buying your stocks and whatnots and keeping them for long periods of time (hence the title). it’s also good because you don’t have to have mad amounts of money to open an account with them, and you don’t have to buy whole shares of stock at a time (great if the stock is at $100, say, and you only have $20 – then you buy 1/5 of a share of that stock). you just have to buy your stocks in amounts of at least $20. the advantage of buying partial shares like this means that you buy more when the stock price is low, and less when the stock price is high.

man… all these memes to follow now! but i happen to like elvengrrl‘s idea of pants-less livejournal icons ^-^ especially seeing as i LOST my pants for a few weeks, but now they’ve been found! woohoo!!

and saccarineayako helped me think up a gift to get my friend tom for his birthday on saturday – time for another woohoo! ^__^