i deserve things from don’t i? ^_^ well, here’s my wishlist, hehehe… ~_^

i gotta get to bed… work at noon – 5 pm tomorrow, so i gotta go to 9 am mass… ^_^;

we were cracking up at work tonight… store was really slow, and we got to talking about 1) wayne, the temp who had his last day yesterday, and 2) the events of last night when most of the workers went to some club or something in baltimore (“the vault” – used to be an old bank, apparently… expensive to get in, but it’s cool on the inside they said)… they had a wild time, lol

what did i do last night? sat around at home and played wolfenstein with stu online… ^_^;

i finished my christmas shopping today ^_^ got the last thing i needed at tower after work today (they even let me use my discount! ^_^ i don’t even ask for it – they just ask me for my employee number, hehe… amanda, the supervisor who rang me up, said “we’re not really supposed to do this, but sometimes we’re nice about it ~_^”)

i also picked up “jazz from hell” by frank zappa while i was there… it’s spooky… 80’s electronic jazzish music… o_o i think i’ll take this to the used record store sometime to sell… ^^;; no wonder it was on sale ^_^;;

this, however, is a funny song ^^ it’s all jazzy and smooth, no lyrics at all, and yet it’s called “Don’t Mess With Mr. T”… lol… ^_^

and dan and tom were here earlier… they went shopping downtown with mom and kelly while i was at work, and then stayed here and i showed tom “return to castle wolfenstein” while he was here ^^