first off, peep my new icon i made from the neobaka archives! ^_^ i didn’t have a sweatdroppy icon, so i needed to put one together ^_^;

went to ikea today with mom ^_^ i bought a new desktop, but the table legs i wanted were out of stock (they’d be in by the end of the month), and the chair i planned to get they didn’t know when it would be in at all. ^^; so i bought the tabletop and a different pair of legs for it. and when we got back home i ordered the legs i wanted and the chair i wanted – they’ll be here in early january (at least that’s better than not knowing when everything would arrive at the store!) ^_^;;

so for the moment i have my desktop sitting on top of the dresser that i had this piece of plywood on to give me extra tablespace ^^

and would you believe there’s an ikea restaurant inside the ikea store? guess what they serve? swedish meatballs! ^_^

everyone (meaning stueypark and bruno_boy and pete – yeah, ok, so it’s not that big to warrant calling “everyone”, but it’s the best i could think of) wants to get together sometime over winter break… maybe i can see if i can set a day for me to be off from work and get the above people + dan and will and gabe to come over so we can all have a lan party ^_^ just like last year ^_^ that would be phat ^_^

i’d have to find a bigger hub, though… ^^;