for most of the night i’ve just been sitting here talking to stu and listening to my blue oyster cult mp3s i made from the album “workshop of telescopes” ^^

mom was saying to me that i need to find someone to go out on dates with around here… ^_^;; she says i need to do more other than just work, get home, go on computer, go to bed… ^_^;; i’m such a dork, though… beats me how to go about getting myself a girl to take on a date in the first place! ^^; *feels inept*

i haven’t recieved an e-mail reply back from manga / katsucon yet, even though i sent a new email out to manga last night… ^_^;;

eee… the drudge report is spooky… but as stu and i were saying about this, it’s not like this guy is exactly the top brass with the taliban… how would he know their secret plans? he’s more like top dirt, lol…

and i was reading a report last night… *goes to grab book* inside cia’s private world: declassified articles from the agency’s internal journal, 1955-1992… this article i was reading (Richards J. Heuer, Jr., “Do You Really Need More Information?” Studies in Intelligence, vol. 23, no. 1 (Spring 1979), pp. 15-25. Originally unclassified. pages 218-231 if you happen to find the book) talks about a study done with horserace handicappers, where they gave the handicappers true data about horses and told them to predict the outcome of the race. as they gave them more data about the horses, the handicappers said that they felt more confident with their decisions about the outcome of the races. but even as they felt more confident their accuracy didn’t improve at all – in fact, their accuracy remained the same! so even as they got more information to make their predictions, they didn’t necessairily improve with their prediction-making!

it’s a really good article… the rest of the book is good too – really fascinating. if you’re curious at all about the intelligence community, you should take a look at this book.