ugh… i think i ought to lay off the jelly beans now… x_x;; i only had about 12-15 or so… that’s it for me, though… x__x;;;

mom saw my music video tonight… ^^;;;; i think that she was liking it at first (she kept patting my back at some of the funny bits), but then she sat down in the middle of it and didn’t look too pleased… ^^;; i told her earlier today that it wasn’t a music video she’d like (we started to watch akira once and she went to bed 5 minutes into it and said that it didn’t look like a mom-movie), but she kept bugging me saying that she really wanted to see it (i kept saying that i still had work to do on it, which was true). so i asked dan what should i do and he said why not show it to her… now i think she’s quite irritated with me… kept saying things like “i don’t know who raised you… making things with words like that in there… using that language…”

i could understand if it was too explicit for radio play, but c’mon, they play this on the radio all the time (and i even edited some of the audio for content in the video! :P)

i guess it was either show it and get mom irritated now, versus waiting and being bugged to show it and get mom irritated later… ^_^;;

i’m half-expecting to get a call from bill cosby any moment now… ^_^;;;

but as dan said to me afterwards, in the first place, the whole song is a parody. just like “the producers” (which my mom didn’t care for at all either).

i just hope that they let me submit it to katsucon… ^^;;; i don’t think that they’d go that far, but it is possible… ^^;; if they do go that far, then maybe i’ll submit it under a psuedonym, hehehe…

anyways… maybe i’ll put in a public-service warning in the beginning of the film… i was kinda thinking of putting one in before anyway… i think “the spanish flea” by herb alpert and the tijuana brass makes a great song to do public service messages by, hehe…