i have my akira music video all finished (except for a minor touch-up or two, but at least i have scenes to fit the entire song)!! ^__^

and dan’s brother reserved a room for katsucon – yay! we’ll be staying in the same hotel that the convention is in…  ^_^

and katsucon says we can bring TWO music videos to enter into the contest!! ^___^ now i just need to send them an e-mail and ask if it’s ok if i submit my bohemian rhapsody music video (even though it’s 5:58 and they say to try and keep them under 5 minutes long), and if i can’t then i’ll remake my robot parade music vid and submit that along with my boyz in the hood vid ^_^

lemme see… things to do…

  • e-mail manga again about my bohemian rhapsody music video
  • e-mail katsucon about the length of my bohemian rhapsody music vid, and ask them how strong of language you can have in a music video

    mom just asked if she could see my music video… i don’t think she should see it (not yet, anyways), until it’s been *ahem* edited for some content, hehe… then i’ll have “the mom version” and then i’ll have “the everyone else version”, lol


    i think i’ll take a big nap this afternoon… didn’t go to bed until 6 am, lol… and then i had to be up just before 11:30… ^_^;; i think i’ve had 8.5-9 hours of sleep in the past two days, hehe ^_^;;;;