;_; i ought to get a new copy of this cd… i think it got too scratched up, and now some of the tracks refuse to play in my computer, and it won’t let me make mp3s of the songs anymore (let alone aiff rips of the audio tracks to later convert to mp3s)… and it’s my favoritiest bachelor pad music cd too… ^^;; some of the songs sound like music from “the sims”, lol… ^_^;;

work was mostly “eh” all night… we weren’t slow, but we weren’t rushed either… kind of a slow steady stream all day… nobody yelled at me either, but we had lots of complaining and bitching customers today (one guy even told one of our saleswomen not to answer her desk phone when it was ringing in front of her even though it was some lady who the saleswoman put on hold for the manager – she answered it anyway, hah)… bleh… so it was a generally a no-fun day… ^^;;

and l33t is easier to type on a phone keypad, lol… as i sent a text-message to dan earlier in the day, “D00d, w3 g07 a h07 grrl w0rk1ng cu57om3r 53rv1c3 – w00t w00t!”

and i kinda fux0red up a pricing gun at work… ^_^;; tried to fix one that was giving us problems, and kinda… well… took out the paper tape that runs through it. so now you can’t use it to price anything at all (when at least before you could price things with it, even if it was a pain)… ^_^;; at least it isn’t anything irrepairable… it just needs someone who either a) knows enough about the pricing guns to feed the stickers back through, or b) has enough time to fiddle with it to get it working again… ^_^;;