work was good today ^_^ nobody yelled at me, hehe ^^

but one guy thought that it was my fault that the phones didn’t come from the manufacturer fully charged… o_o;;

man: “my phone’s broke”

me: “ok, just take it just down the hall and to the left to the technicians and they can take a look at it”

man: *comes back* what is this?? it isn’t company policy to make sure the phones you sell are fully charged??”

me: “no, sir… the phones don’t come charged from the manufacturers – at most they’ll have quarter to half of a charge… and the phones from nokia don’t even come charged at all! the salespeople have to use a spare battery to program the phone for you.”

man: “what?? when i used to buy phones from you guys years ago you used to make sure that the battery was all charged! they’d say, ‘hold on, sir, let me make sure that that battery has a charge before you go…'”

me: “nope, not like that now, sir… now it’s best to give the phones a good proper charge for 6-8 hours after you buy it… that’s really the best thing to do.”

man: “…oh.” *leaves*

and i have tomorrow off! yay! ^_^