first i was peeved that there were imitations to my music video on… (btw, if you haven’t yet, download my video and comment on it please ^_^ it’s now on stable hosting until dan/stu/will/gabe/myself set up dedicated hosting for our videos)

then stueypark told me about this… specifically, the last bullet before the current release schedule.

now i’m really really happy ^___^

i just hope that this guy isn’t talking about one of the imitations… ^^;;;; but then again, as long as this other guy doesn’t find out about that page, it’s all cool ^_^ and dan says that the metreon anime festival was the last week in october, which was only about a month away from the time that this other video was shown at anime weekend atlanta – i wonder if that’s enough time for word to get out about this music video, when mine was shown over two months before.

*stops to watch the other guy’s music video*

ok, here’s my review:

cons: changes scenes too rapidly, alternates between studio and live versions of the song, duplicates some scenes in alternate spots in the song

pros: lipsynching is improved over mine, uses more footage from the evangelion movies, some scenes have better-fitting scenes than mine does

this guy says he’s been making music videos for a long time, and this was my first ever video. i don’t think i did too badly because of that. ^_^

*crosses fingers* i hope they put my music vid on the dvd… ^____^ maybe they can fit both mine and this other guy’s on there (if they have to ~_^)

now to sit and wait for a reply… ^_^;;