rollin' rollin' rollin', keep that footage rollin'… rawhide?

i went through some of my videotapes i have for my camcorder and labeled the ones with footage i want to keep and put the ones that i can use to tape over into a seperate pile. ^_^ i’m all psyched up now for music video creation after watching the otakon footage of my “bohemian rhapsody” music video ^___^) i also found my tape with the final version of my music video on it, a tape of my high school graduation (and a tape of my graduation after i edited the footage too), and (this’ll be of big interest for stueypark) also a tape with an episode of the “red green show” and “red dwarf”! ^_^

i’m thinking of setting up my camcorder on a tripod or something to record some of the meteor shower tonight too… that’ll be neat…