i hate stupid customers :P

first off, if you haven’t already, go and vote so i know who’s gonna be where ^_^

dan: sup sucka

thePfhitz: i think someone called their lawyer on me at work today

dan: er..

dan: okay

me: we have this machine at work for taking cash or credit card payments

me: and so this hispanic guy comes in and says he wants to pay his bill

me: so i say “ok, we can use this machine over here”

me: so i help him put his info into the machine

me: it didn’t take the last 4 digits of his social security account so we did the “pay blind” feature where it just puts the money on to whatever number you entered but doesn’t show you how much needs to be paid or the address of the person who has the phone

me: but he had his bill with him so we knew he had to pay $55.16

me: so i say “ok, sir, just feed your money in there… anything over the amount on your bill is just credited to your account, and you don’t recieve change back”

me: so he puts in a $100 bill!

me: and then says “ok, where’s my change?”

me: me: “sir, you don’t recieve change with this machine… it just credited your account with anything over the bill amount…”

me: hispanic guy: “i don’t understand…”

me: so i keep trying to explain to this guy and he keeps saying “i don’t understand”

me: then he whips out his phone, goes through his phonebook on the phone and starts talking to somebody in spanish

me: then he hands the phone to me!

me: and the guy on the other end is like “did he just put in $100 into the machine?”

me: me: “yes”

dan: O_o

me: phone: “and the bill was how much?”

me: me: $55.16″

me: phone: “so why isn’t he recieving change back??”

me: me: “because it just credits the account with anything over…”

me: phone: “ahh, ok…”

me: so i hand the phone back to the guy, and he starts talking on it some more in spanish

dan: intelligent people…

me: then he hands the phone back to me and the guy on the phone asks me if this is just applied to future bills

me: so i tell him “yeah”

me: and hand the phone back

me: and so they talk some more and the guy hangs up and is all like “ok, goodbye!” and isn’t mad anymore

me: beats me who i was talking to

now i just hope that the number he put in was the correct one, otherwise someone got a big fat $100 payment on their bills… ^^;;

we also had these two large women who thought they knew all about cellphones, and were extremely arrogant when i was trying to help them find a salesperson to help them. i ended up sending the manager to them since they kept complaining to me, and even though the technician said that they’d have to buy a new phone because their phone had water damage, the manager took one look at their phone and said that they could get a refurbished phone for free because it wasn’t water damage but a software error in the phone that was giving it problems and it was under warranty too.

and we also had this one guy who kept trying to get free stuff from one of the salespeople, and we had the manager talk to him. this guy was surprising because he was a salesperson too and knew that if you didn’t make any sale then you didn’t make any commission and then you wouldn’t be paid. the guy’s wife kept trying to get him to shut up and leave us alone, too. the guy called the manager arrogant when he told him all about how we’ve been top-rated in the past two years, but our manager was able to get the guy to calm down and pay up for his stuff.

bleh. i should find some dinner but i’m not hungry. ^^; and lt looks like @home might go down this friday since excite@home is going out of business. great. >_<;;