i eat code and shit websites

“that’s why i invited you” says my friend john – he’s got this idea of starting up a webpage creation company with dan as artist, myself as coder/designer, two other friends of his as coders/developers, and he would work to sell the company’s services.

he’s right – he is a great salesman… after talking with dan and myself tonight we’re in on this plan. we’re meeting with him and one of his friends tomorrow to plan things out. ^_^

tomorrow i’ll also have to go to adecco to pick up some timesheets for myself.

i got the dvds of “saving private ryan” and “run lola run” today (the english dub of “run lola run” is HORRIBLE! O_o), and also got the soundtrack to “o brother, where art thou” (i can use some of the songs off of there for my “license to hobo” mix cd i’m working on) and the cd “metasexual” by joydrop. i have to say that reading “band of brothers” is making lots of things in “saving private ryan” make more sense now, hehe.

i got a new livejournal friend today ^_^ – she plays the oboe! ^__^ *glomp*

our cat gizmo was about to fall asleep when i started printing something from my printer. he jumped up and sat and stared at the printer and tried to see what was coming out. then, when the printer finished printing i hit a key on my keyboard that would open the cd drive and so he started investigating that. while he was sniffing at my cd tray i hit the key again and he jumped as it went back in. i did this one or two more times before he got bored with it and started going around the room to sniff at other things, hehe

um… i think that’s all for tonight… time to go to bed and dream of girls ^_^