EVERYONE wants sharon apple to be their girlfriend! even me! *^____^*

the quick version before i go to bed:

went to best buy and circuit city with dan ‘n stu

we saw harry potter today

dan’s car makes clunking sounds

i ripped the transformers movie and akira for music-video making (38.5 gigs free right now before decoding the ripped files)

i also tried ripping the cowboy bebop dvd for the heck of it (it didn’t let me rip it before) and now it works… i’ll try ripping the whole thing tomorrow, i guess…

and we’re going to my aunt’s and uncle’s place in virginia for thanksgiving tomorrow. thanksgiving “dinner” is going to be at 1 pm. 1 pm is not dinner. 1 pm is lunch. or breakfast. but certainly not dinner. 😛 someone needs to know what times they’re supposed to eat food. -_-;; and here i was wanting to sleep in on my holiday off from work… ^^;;

my computer’s hard drives are now named “sharon apple” (with appropriate icon! ^_______^ :P~~~~~~~ <- drool), and "classic mac" (dan's gonna make me an icon or three of the mac linky! linky! ^_^ from dieselsweeties ^_^)

ok, time to go to bed so i can wake up to leave the house at 9 am… at least i can get 3 hours of sleep in the car ^_^;