every journal needs an ass-post sooner or later! ^_^;;

(about a month ago…)

me: just look at the moon up there in the sky… large and white… it reminds me of my ass!!!

pete: i bet if you stood in front of dan’s car and he turned on his headlights and you dropped your pants, we wouldn’t be able to see anything because of the light reflecting off of your white ass…

me: LOL XD


pete: you should write about light reflecting of your ass

me: hehehe

me: maybe i will!

pete: I’ll make a sign for you to wear that says “warning: explicit ass”

pete: 😛


in other news… i think that mr. t is going to be on conan o’brian tonight!!!! YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! ^_______^ i pity da foo’ who don’t watch mr t on the tv…