"deep dish" makes me want pizza… ^^;;

go and listen! ^_^

i bought “feelin’ alright” by traffic, “retrospectacle” by thomas dolby (curse you fishbulb!!! ~_^), and “gu 021 moscow” by deep dish. this last one was on a real whim because i just happened to see it in the listening station and remembered the old “rip. mix. burn.” ads that apple had and they had deep dish in it. so i sat down at the listening station and decided that they were cliche-technoish enough for me. ~_^ at first i wasn’t going to get it ($21 for a 2 cd set plus the other two cds i was getting), but when crystal at the register basically forced my employee discount on me i ran back to grab it, and so managed to get these three albums for $35 ^_^ i saved $15 with that discount tonight, hehe ^_^ i think that working at tower was the best money-saving job i have ever had ^__^ other than purchasing this lemon of a computer i have… ^_^;;

we made up ghetto gangsta names for each other at work, hehe… corey is “c-diddy”, dave is “sny-dawg” (his last name is “snyder”), kristina is “k-lo”, our manager joe is “the notorious j.o.e.”, and i’m “master g”, hehe… can you tell it was a slow day? ^_^;;

dan thinks i’m like indie rock pete from dieselsweeties – he says that i hate anything popular, hehe… i guess that’s true… ^_^;;

ok… time to find some eats then go to bed…