went to dan’s place today… we went off to compusa and i found a geforce2mx card for $29 after rebates, so of course i bought it. we get back to dan’s place and look up the info for flashing pc geforce cards to work in a mac and the instructions say it won’t work with this particular card. ^^; so after some fiddling and figuring out that it really won’t work we take it back to compusa where i play dumb (“it didn’t fit in my computer… i don’t know why… i guess it’s because it’s this agp thing… maybe that doesn’t work with my computer…?”) and get my money back.

then we head to best buy where i find a card that will work (even though it’s $100) and grab that instead. take it back to dan’s place, pop it in the computer, and hey-presto! we have video. but it’s kinda choppy and distorted, but at least we have a signal! fiddle with it some in dan’s computer, put it in his pc and flash the rom to convert it to a mac card and it works ^_^ i had some compatibility problems with dan’s computer crashing when i was trying to fiddle with different settings, but i get home here (after a perilous journey on the beltway where some moron was sitting on the shoulder facing the wrong way and shining their headlights into oncoming traffic and blinding people like me causing them to almost end up in the trunk of the car ahead of them that just came to a complete stop… yay for the 2-second rule!) and pop it in my computer and haven’t had a single problem at all. i had more problem installing the software for the card in my computer than i did getting it to work in my computer itself.

games are looking very very nice now. dvds are pretty much the same as before (a little choppier in rare cases, but nothing severe).

i am l33t. ^_^