my nose is stuffy and it’s really annoying me… grr…

i’m working on about 4 different music videos at once… i might bring that up to 5 tonight, hehe. ^_^ i figure that when i don’t have any ideas on what to do with some of those music videos, then i should probably have some ideas of what i can work with on the other videos. so far i’m working on…

“boyz in the hood” by dynamite hack to “akira”

“another one bites the dust” by queen to “cowboy bebop”

“cowboy ’78” by the wiseguys to “cowboy bebop”

“robot parade (adult version)” by they might be giants to “transformers: the movie”

and tonight i might expand that to include “veteran of the psychic wars” by blue oyster cult to “akira” ^^ the “cowboy ’78” one is just as a practice vid… it’s over 6 minutes long, so i doubt i’ll ever be able to submit it to a convention… ^_^;;

i’ve got all this anime ripped off of dvds and on my computer for working with music videos, and i’ve still got 30 gigs free… that’s good because i still need to borrow bebop dvds 3-6 from dan so i can work with all of the cowboy bebop footage…

*yawn* i got to get ready for work now… yay… work as a greeter is loads of fun when you don’t feel like interacting with people… *SARCASM* 😛