i sat around and watched “run lola run” tonight… i wonder when “the princess and the warrior” is going to be out on vhs/dvd… i didn’t see it in the theater and want to see it (mmm… franka potente…. :P~~~~~~~~~ <- drool) ^_^; apparently it's still in theaters (or so / / says), but it's nowhere near here, though. *pout* ^^;; they rescheduled my training for verizon from the 16th to the 15th... so i get to sit around at verizon headquarters all day tomorrow. whoopee. ^_^; at least this lets me get out at 5 pm tomorrow, and probably home by 6 ^_^ i'll have to work all day on friday (11 am - 8 pm) since wayne is down at south carolina to see his brother in law graduate from the marines... and on saturday i'll have to work 10 am - 3:30 pm... i hope that i can get a nice long weekend next week ^_^;;