work wasn’t too bad today ^_^ the store was dead after 6 pm. i also got two text messages – thanks megs! ^__^ *glomp*

stu came over after i got home and we tried to play some “return to castle wolfenstein” against each other, but every server we joined had some sort of issue. ^^; so we watched britcoms on tv instead. ^_^ and on the show “battlebots” the creators of one of the robots (“firestorm“) looked just like the comic versions of tycho and gabe from penny-arcade ^_^

we also got our t-shirts and hats and a nice letter and a videotape of the bit they showed on cnn about the pilot whose plane crashed into the pentagon. apparently we didn’t see it because they showed it on cnn-sports and we don’t get that channel. but now i have a free cnn t-shirt, and the video is very good and it’s all because of us that they could do that. ^_^

stu and i are probably going to go to best buy tomorrow… they’re having a special on ram purchases… it looks like i can cram in 2 gigs of ram in here (don’t know if the mac os can handle anything more than 1.5 gigs – haven’t seen any concrete info about that, but since mac os x is built on unix i’d guess that it should be able to). i guess if i get more memory than my computer can effectively use i can always put it in the imac and speed that up some, hehe… ^_^