huh… my paycheck didn’t go into my bank account at 12:01 am like it usually does (and the way it’s supposed to go, i thought). either it’s just behind, or it actually goes in later (and i never noticed until now), or i was slow in getting my timesheet info in to my temp agency.

heh… not like it would be much of a paycheck anyways… only worked 27.5 hours this past week. ^_^;; about $230 worth of work after taxes

at least this means that next week i’ll have a nice hefty $510 or so paycheck ^__^

we rearranged our den today. woo.

i found prom pictures of myself with the girl i took to junior prom while rearranging the den. that’s weird how she messaged me out of the blue the other day and now i just found these pictures, hehe…