i’m ripping songs we played in high school from our band’s cds… i’d like to be all modest about ourselves, but… well… we rox0red ^__^ how much did we rox0r? well, our best band was ranked #1 in the country of all catholic high school bands something like 16 out of the past 18 years (figures that when i reach our wind ensemble they say “oh, no more entering that competition – we want to give other schools a chance”… ^_^;;) if anybody wants to take a listen at some of our songs, let me know and i’ll put ’em up on my computer for download. ^_^

*pokes around on his old high school’s site* nuts… they need to learn a bit about site design… ^_^;;

*looks in the kitchen for some eats and finds some bagels* THOMASES MAKES BAGELS?! rrawk! thomases bagels! ^_^ i love that commercial… that parrot cracks me up ^_^