today was a bad day

batman got on my nerves.

he was running me amok.

he ridiculed me calling me a bum.

too many stupid people came into work today. >____<;; and almost all felt the need to point out to me how we didn't have chairs (boy, like i haven't heard that before). 😛 i didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast until 2:30 in the afternoon because i didn’t get a chance to eat before leaving the house in the morning, and so after i got bagels with cream cheese from a bagel shop close to my store, the technicians were using the lunchroom to have a meeting, and so i ended up having to sit outside in the freezing cold to eat my bagels. -_-;; if i knew i would have to do that, i would have bought a coffee or something, or stayed in the bagel shop to eat inside. but no, i had to sit outside in the cold and drink my rootbeer. that gave me a runny nose for almost the rest of the day.

and generally the store was really really busy, and we had several people lined up in front before we even opened (sheesh, people need better things to do at 10 am :P), and people would yell at me when the line was taking too long. one guy even gave me the finger because some hobo wandered in and so i signed him in and he somehow wandered up to a salesperson and started asking questions (this hobo was in the other day too – you can’t understand almost anything he says… it sounds like he’s got gauze wadded up in his mouth or something. smells like duct-tape, too, which gives me a headache. ^^; the amazing thing is that he’s one of the most even-tempered customers we’ve had in, even though you can’t understand anything he says and he doesn’t understand anything about cellphones…) -_-

i worked for exactly twice the amount of time that i slept last night, my feet are really hurting me, and as the day went on i just stopped caring about customers. ^^;

at least tomorrow (tuesday) is going to be my last 10am-9pm day until next tuesday. ^_^ 3 day weekend this weekend! woo! ^_^

but suckage until then. >_<;; *sigh* i think i'll just iron my shirt for tomorrow in the morning. but this time i'm going to be sure to get some breakfast. ^^; -------------- rock over london, rock on chicago…

…wheaties, breakfast of champions.