there's just no pleasing some people

i forgot that today at midnight i got paid. ^__^

but i’m still mad that i’m not going to get this 3-day weekend. i was looking forward to it, even if i wasn’t really planning on doing anything other than just sitting back and relaxing… and i could have really used it too, considering that i’ve worked every day except for sunday, and most days i worked from 10am-9pm – ALL DAY. grrrrrr….

still, at least i’ll have this sunday and monday off… but i’ll still have to work NEXT saturday too… THREE SATURDAYS IN A ROW… >_<;; but paige's party is the saturday after that. i better get that day off... ^_^ now i better take a shower and get ready for work so i can go and grab some graph paper and batteries. maybe check and see when my contract with sprint is up, too...