there are those who call me… tim…?

got my new hard drive put in – maxtor actually shipped me a larger drive than i sent them! ^__^ so now it looks like i have… hmm… (adds up his partitions) two 60 gig drives! ^__^ yay!

i partitioned my new one into a swap partition to help speed up mac os x or when i do video-editing, and into a dvd-rip partition for ripping dvds to (duh), and into a main partition for the storage of files and documents and stuff. ^_^

so, my 60 gig drive that mac os x itself is on is now named “MPU”, and my main partition on my other drive i’m thinking of calling sharon apple… but i’m not sure yet…



What anime-inspired name should I give to my new drive’s main partition, dvd rip partition, and swap partition? (bonus if you can point me toward a matching mac os x icon, or an image to create an icon out of! ^_^) Why do you think should I name the drive that name?