*sigh* man, i need a woman… ^_^;

the mood explains it all. ^_^; and too many cute girls came in to work today or walked in front of the store. ^_^;; i started a tally (hey, it was a slow day!) and got 11-12 really cute girls down by the time we left at 9.

unfortunately, i was the guy at school who when we were preparing to go on a band trip or something like that, others would pitch in to start a “get glenn a hooker” fund… ^^;

*sigh* man, i need a woman… ^_^; any women out there need a man? ^_^;;

i got myself batteries for my palm and graph paper for working with my japanese book today. also stopped in at tower after work and picked up “the mix” by kraftwerk.

we think tomorrow’s going to be slow at work because of a) boat show, b) football game, and c) it’s going to rain. any one of those means we’ll have a slower-than-usual day, and we’re going to have all three on one day.