rich uncle glennybags


i think i might get into this online investing thingamabob… doing research on it first, though…

and mom seems to like fight club a little bit more now that she’s been reading about it. but she says that my “watching movies like that and playing videogames like ‘return to castle wolfenstein'” will make me violent and antisocial. 😛 funny… she cares about all this with me but doesn’t seem to mind that my sister is listening to drowning pool with the song where they sing about the bodies hitting the floor… 😛

by the way, i hate drowning pool, linkin park, red hot chilipeppers, and a bunch of other bands that i can’t think of at the moment. i mean, i hate them (as in “with a passion”). grr… ghetto music that sux0rs… and what makes this worse is that it’s just about all my sister will listen to… 😛 blech.

… man, dan’s right… my speakers are wack… they make this odd distortion effect with some songs / movies… odd… because when i plug my headphones straight into my computer i don’t hear this distortion… heh… ^_^;

gizmo just hopped up on my lap… good kitty! =^-^= speaking of cats, here’s what a french site (translated into english) has to say about this robotic cat just introduced in japan:

“The high tech, they is well, the Japanese, it is well, but it is insane as both unit that can become catastrophic… One knew the dog, here are the very necessary robot cat. It is brilliant, but a little expensive: approximately a brick to have a thing which hums when it is cherished. Make economies: line a vibro in a nounours, the effect will be similar.”