we had a power outage last night (actually, two or three power outages last night), and the cable went out too (which means no internet for me – cable modem). and it didn’t come on until about half-an-hour ago. grr. -_-;;

work yesterday went by fast, but there was some periods where people had long waits (about half-an-hour to see a salesperson). one guy when he came in asked me if he could do what he wanted to do with his account over the phone, and i told him that he would be able to. so i have no idea why he bothered hanging around to see a salesperson anyways and getting mad that we were too slow to get to him. what a moron. 😛

but we got a new customer service person yesterday! ^_^ and it’s a cute girl too – whoopee! ^_____^

i also picked up this cd from tower yesterday too… i’ll need one song off of this cd for a music video idea. besides, 32 blue oyster cult songs for $22 isn’t bad ^_^ i also got my purchases from barnes ‘n noble in the mail yesterday ^_^ mom’s present was damaged in transit (it’s making this bad rattling sound when you shake it), so i gotta take it back to the store to return it… ^^;

i burned the roof of my mouth with grease from the pizza i had for lunch yesterday… owwwww… ;_;

i started work on my new music video last night, and got more work done on it this morning. “robot parade” suits “the transformers”, hehe ^_^

they’re marking out where the pipes in our front yard are at right now so they can start digging to replace the pipe later this morning.

and now i’ve got to go to work. whoopee.