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You are a Renaissance ManLeonardo DaVinci’s got nothing on you. A modern Renaissance Man, you know something about everything. You’re extremely passionate about anything you can think of, from baseball stats to Dutch art. And you delve into all of them enthusiastically. Women are constantly impressed by how much information you soak up and retain, as well as your spontaneity and sense of adventure. Whether it’s because you’re extremely well-cultured or due to your romantic nature, they can’t help but fall for you. As long as you’re careful to keep your wits about you and stay grounded, any gal who winds up with you will feel like she’s living on cloud nine.


a renaissance man, eh? like i didn’t know that already… ~_^

i had a nightmare last night… don’t remember exactly what happened in my dream, but i was with people who were in the middle of fighting other people… scary. then today the us starts attacking afghanistan. o_o spooky.

dan brought over his cd burner (yay! even though the computer only recognized it once and turning it off when the computer’s on causes os x to go into a kernel panic, hehe ^_^;;;), and lots and lots and lots of roms! ^____^ he got a cookie. ^_^

now, to bed! where i may rest my head! and prepare myself for a work schedule which i dread!

it’s sad when you spend almost half the time sleeping as you do working… heh… ^^;