fitting songs

my book with declassified cia articles is cool. some articles are funny with what goes on, hehe…

some guy who came into work was blatantly lying to get something he wanted done with his account. the managers checked his account and talked to the people the man talked with, and when he wasn’t getting what he wanted he left the store:

manager: “take care, sir”

man: “don’t bother sending no bills to my house!”

manager: “have a good day sir”

me: “take care, sir”


everyone else: o_o

*yawn* i should go to bed in a minute… got to get to work at 10 am… ^_^;

the new girl who’s working customer service with us has a nice ass. ^___^ not that i’d spend lots of time watching it… ^_^; some of us were standing around talking about how nice her ass is, and this one lady started yelling at the manager saying “that’s against the code of conduct!” he asked if she was being serious and she said no and we all laughed. ^_^;;

i also forgot my wallet when i went to work… had to borrow $5 from one of the salesmen… ^_^; and when i was eating lunch the managers and three of the salesmen came in to eat lunch too. one of the managers said that he favors a minimalist government… “build roads, build army! that’s what the government should do!” he said. hehe… we told him that that would make a good campaign slogan… ^^

mom bought me a yellow bell pepper to take a bite out of next time iron chef is on tv ^_^ and harpo marx was on “i love lucy” tonight… hehehe… ^^

my handspring handheld is now selling at compusa for $80 after rebates. i paid $180 for it two months ago… ^_^;;

paycheck’s in my bank account, but for some reason it’s not on the itemized list yet, so i don’t know the exact amount… ^_^;

i wonder if they’ll set me up with a new schedule tomorrow at work?