bad: my legs are killing me, and i only have one day off before going back to my 10am-9pm work schedule for a few more days

but, the good: i just realized today that my temp agency could have told me that my job description is to “kick ass and take names”, and it would be 100% correct! ^_^ the salespeople don’t like the other temp who works as a greeter (they’re really happy when it’s me who is working all day, hehe), so i can safely say that i “kick ass”… and then all i really do is stand there and write down the names of people who need to see salespeople, so that takes care of the “take names” bit, hehe.

so, now whenever someone asks me what i do for a job, i can say “oh, me? i kick ass and take names for a living…” and they can be all amazed and whatnot, hehe. ^__^

they told me to greet people now with “welcome to verizon wireless, can we help you?” ugh. not only is that a mouthful and i’m used to just saying “can we help you?”, but it makes me feel like a dork to say that to everyone. ^^;

at work today some guy tried to strangle his teenage kid or something in front of our store… i heard a scuffle and looked outside (like i have anything else to do at work… ~_^), and saw this guy in a headlock. he broke away and was walking away when the man who had him in a headlock started yelling at him how he didn’t like the other guy’s attitude. then i poked my head out the door and saw the man yelling and cussing at someone else and then punched a support pole at the shopping center. about 15-20 minutes later the strangle-er walked back to the phone by where he was strangleing the strangle-ee and called someone on the phone. shortly after that a police car came up and people started talking to the policeman, and the the policeman walked over to the man on the phone and talked with him for a few minutes, then talked to whoever was on the phone for a few minutes, and then handcuffed the guy and radioed in. when the other policeofficer arrived, they questioned they guy for a while, and then put him in the police car and took his handcuffs off and then drove off with the man somewheres. *shrug*

orioles game is almost over… 8th inning…