don't you dare stare… you better move, don't ever compare!

woke up at 1 pm today and sat around and read all sorts of pages on the net and played games and ate pie (yum!) until i had to go to work at 5.

apparently the other greeter never showed up at all today, i was the only greeter they had at all today. so they went from 10am – 5pm with no greeter. but i guess it was kinda ok for the store because it apparently wasn’t very busy at all today. not that it’s ok that he wasn’t at work. but that’s not my concern. ^_^;

george said he got a big kick out of my “music to thug by” cd i burned for him – he was only able to listen to the first 5 songs on his way to work this morning, but he really really liked it, hehe. he couldn’t believe that i put “that’s when i reach for my revolver” by moby on there, hehe. ^_^

the cd he lent me (“music to driveby” by compton’s most wanted) is pretty funny… they take thugging too seriously, hehehehe.

and he told me a funny story about this guy he knows who worked at a circuit city – apparently this one guy came in really drunk on christmas eve one year, and walked up to a row of microwaves and exclaimed “man, that’s a great picture on that there tv!!!” george’s friend said “yeah, you like that? you want that?” and sold him a microwave with the extended service plan to this drunk guy. he even wrote down the ticket number and checked it for months and it was never ever returned, lol. ^_^

also one of our customer service guys is moving from our customer service department to the front to be a salesperson. he said that i should apply for his position (the supervisor said all i’d have to do would bring my resume to my manager and they’d interview me). it’d be neat because i already know a lot about the phones and the service, and so i’d just need a little bit of training for how to work the system and i think i’d be able to do it. ^_^ but “customer service” = “people who get yelled at a lot”. ^^;; but the guy who’s moving to sales pointed out to me that you start at $28,000 / year, get 3 cell phones, and they pay for all your tuition. ^_^ so i’m planning on talking to my temp agency tomorrow to see what they think about me working there in customer service. ^^