crazy day…

first mom woke me up at 7:30 or so (after i had slept for about 4 hours) by saying something to me how the basement was flooding. as it flooded a bit the other day because of the washing machine (the water came up through the drain in our basement shower), i figured it was just acting up again since today was laundry day.

then i was woken up again later when mom started using the wet/dry vaccuum to clean up the water (since my room is in the basement).

then i woke up a third time when mom moved some blankets or something and found what looked like stuff a mouse might leave behind in its nest. so now we think there’s a mouse running around in the basement. whoopee. ^^;

then dan dropped by today – he was here early for a change, and therefore i wasn’t up yet when he came by, hehe ^_^;;

first we hung out at the house, and during this time mom got a roto-rooter guy to come by and take a look at our plumbing. he started using stuff that made lots of noise and so dan and i decided to vacate the house for a bit. so we went off to best buy (partly to poke around the store, and partly because i wanted to check out the canon powershot s110 elph digital camera. they had it, but it wasn’t charged up or working so i couldn’t see how well it worked. i want to find one to try out just to get a hands-on feel even though macworld ranked it the best digital camera in the 2 megapixel range.

then we went off to the goodwill store to see if i could find an overcoat that i could modify to make an irresponsible captain tylor costume for katsucon. couldn’t find anything that resembled close what i was looking for. ^_^;; and then later i remembered that i should have looked for appropriate attire for a costume to go as edward norton’s character from fight club. ^_^;;

so after goodwill we went off to the mall and poked around more there. tried out an x-box controller in a videogame store and got rootbeers and pretzels.

got back home to see dad talking to a roto-rooter guy in front of the house. apparently the pipe is sorta backed-up because of tree roots and the pipe being busted in a few places, so they’ll have to dig up the front yard with a backhoe and take the pipe out and replace it with a new pipe. they’ll be digging up the ground right outside my room in the basement. whoopee. not to mention the fact that this’ll cost the family $3,800 to do. ^^;;;;;; they’re going to do all that digging on wednesday, and so until then e have to be thrifty in our water usage (well, we can use as much as we want, just as only a little bit if that goes down the drains)

anyways… got yet another idea for an anime music vid. ^_^; dan brought over premiere so now i can get crackin’ on making these ^___^ (hint: this latest one involves this song i’m listening to set to akira ^___^) i should really start a list of what songs to what animes i’m going to use… hehe ^_^;

and today (tuesday) i have to work from noon until 7 pm – at least i finally had two whole days off, hehe ^_^;