got to work today and there was an amish guy there with two of his sons to buy a cellphone (the amish market in our shopping center is open thursday-saturday)… he wasn’t able to get one because he wanted it on a business account and the phone number where they process business accounts isn’t available on weekends. (more on this later…)

a few hours later in the day a man came in to get a new cellphone…

me: “ok, sir, we’ll just call your name when someone can help you out…”

man: “okey-doke… i’ll just look around at the other toys you have that i want… and you know, what you WANT and what you NEED are two different things…”

me: *smile and nod*

man: “…for example, i WANT to win the lottery, but i don’t NEED to win the lottery…”

me: *smile and nod*

man: “…though i am comfortable, winning the lottery would make me MORE comfortable…”

me: *wanders off*

then when he was talking to a saleswoman…

man: “SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOT! now, if you weren’t a lady, i’d say the Other Word…”

saleswoman: “hehe, ok…”

man: “…though i don’t remember when the last time i said a dirty word… wait… i remember… it was on september 11. i said a very very bad word… it begins with an ‘F‘…”

other salesperson: “hey, i know that one!”

man: “…yeah? it’s ‘fooey’, isn’t it?”

other salesperson: “yep!”

man: “yes, i said that very very bad word… three times… each time i said it was louder than its predecessor…”

he just kept carrying on and on… i almost bust out laughing the way this guy kept talking, hehe… ^_^;

later in the day i went to the amish market and got myself a hot dog and a rootbeer for lunch, and when i got it back two of our customer service people were in the back eating their lunch…

josh: “why’d you tip the amish guys so much?”

ray: “well, they’re such hard workers…!”

josh: “yeah, but what are they going to do with your tip? buy more cows?? i’d rather use my money to buy myself something electronic… hmm… that makes me think… these amish guys must have some special exception ’cause they’re using all that machinery in the market…”

ray: “yeah…”

josh: “…and lights! OOOOHH! *waves hands dramatically* and an ATM machine! i wonder if they know what ATM stands for, anyway?”

me: “hey, there was an amish guy and his two sons in this morning to get a phone…”

josh and ray: “hey, that’s right!”

josh: “i remember seeing them! if i had to sell them a phone i’d be all ‘no, i can’t sell that to you! i know all about you guys! i read things!’…”

ray: “hehe… yeah, we’ll turn him in!”

josh: “that’s right! we’ll rat them out!”

ray: “but we could be persuaded to keep quiet if you give us a lifetime supply of pepperoni rolls…!”

josh: *eyes get big* “mmmmm…. pepperoni rolls…”

i also tried to get myself a verizon cellphone today… but because of my student loans (the parents took them out but they fall back on the student’s name) i’d have to pay a $500 deposit! 😛 (basically they have to take a deposit of some amount when you start out with them because in theory you could use a ton of minutes and have no way to pay it back) the salespeople told me to try back in a month (because then i’d have a month to save up to get a new phone… it’s also handy that it’s one month from today that my contract with sprint is up… ^_^;), and they might be able to call up the credit department then and get them to lower the cost of the deposit – one lady who works in my store said she got them to lower her boyfriend’s deposit from $800 down to $0! ^_^;

and my cousin teresa came by tonight to visit… i did NOT recognize her at all… she dyed her hair from blond to red… looked realllll nice ^__^ *has a thing for redheads* ^_^; she watched some of fight club here with me tonight ^_^

i opened up the window in the den earlier and broke the glass… oops… ^^;;; good thing i didn’t accidentally bust my hand through the glass, hehe ^_^;

get this for me, will ya? ^___^