dan came by last night and today we went all over the place ^_^

first we went to the annapolis mall to walk around a little bit and so i could pick up a gift certificate to give to paige on her birthday on saturday.

then we headed to ikea and looked at all the stuff they have there. i also got a catalog to carry to paige’s party to help me with my edward norton/fight club costume. ^_^

then to white marsh mall to get some eats (and we did a little searching for a good name for our music vid studio with dan, stu, gabe, will, and myself – i think that it should be considered a studio, but dan says it would be more of an association… i figure, fine, we’ll call it a studio but it’ll be really an association anyways, hehe), and then to umbc where we visited nancy and bumped into our friend chris and hung out with nick (another friend of ours) when he arrived to visit nancy (his girlfriend). ^^

it’s really odd to go back to your school when 1) you don’t have classes there and everybody else does, and 2) you haven’t been there in months and so lots of things have been really changed around. for one thing, the dining hall doesn’t look so bland on the inside – it’s, well, technicolor (they repainted everything) and they added colored lights all over the place and redesigned everything as well. dan and i had trouble finding the food we were looking for since they changed everything, hehe ^_^;

but now i really want to go back to school… man… i wonder when verizon is planning on deciding whether they want to hire me or not…?

and then we get back here and i read this which involves some of my friends and, well… i don’t know what to say… it’s really surprising… i… well… i don’t know what to say at all…