…and then there was one.

they fired the other guy they had as a greeter. he didn’t show up for work at all yesterday or today. so guess what that means? yep, i have to work overtime. -_-;; i have to work this saturday, which means i end up working for 42.5 hours this week (7.5 hours more than i was scheduled). at least i’ll get 2.5 hours of overtime (paid at time and a half – $16.43 / hour)… so, if my math is correct, next week my paycheck for this week should be about $368.89. nice and hefty. i guess that makes up for having to work yet another saturday (a day i should have had off! >_<;;) at least they're not touching sunday and monday. next week was rescheduled up too, but at least i'll only be working 35.5 hours (which is only half-an-hour more than usual). i talked to my contacts at adecco, and they talked to my manager joe about the customer service position. he said that he thought that it was filled, but that i'd have to talk to rick the store manager about everything. and today joe said to me that as a suggestion (not to be mean or rude or anything like that) i ought to get a haircut. he says that everyone is supposed to look all professional, and while i look fine clothes-wise, apparently my hair is too long (?????). ^^; if you ask me, it looks perfectly fine to me, but he said that it would improve my chances at having the company hire me full time. *shrug* ^^; and we're all out of AAA batteries for my palm. -_-;; it's almost all out of power, and so i did a hotsync to save my data. but some things i need to fiddle with (like bank-account things) i have to do on my palm itself. and it's almost dead. ^^;; at least i picked up a new book on learning japanese from barnes 'n noble before going off to work today. this one looks much easier to understand than the one we were using at umbc. and my shipment from has shipped now too, everything but the japanese book that was backordered and now out of print. but they say that the expected ship date for that is friday the 19th. now it's time for dinner.