i thought that i lost my handspring somewheres, and so i went all over the house to try and find it. couldn’t find it in any of its usual places. then i just remembered that i left it sitting in the car. the short-term memory is the first to go, i guess… as a bad parody of an appropriate quote would go “i’d forget my ass if it wasn’t so tight…” ^_^;;

figures, i go to the library to pick up two books that are on hold for me (out of 3 books i have reserved), and the third book comes in after i picked up the other two…. ^^;

at work they say that they’re sending the other temp and myself to our headquarters in lanham for training on how to use our computer systems. ^_^ i guess this is the first step toward being picked up by them… ^^

they also let me leave an hour early tonight since we were so slow. but that didn’t stop me from greeting two cute girls who came into the store. ~_^

we have had absolutely no trick or treaters come to our house tonight. but then again, considering our locations (basically at the end of a dead-end street and up a steep hill) we usually get only about 5-10 people. i inspected kelly’s and anne’s candy when they came home with kelly’s friend samantha. i took an obligatory glenn-tax on their candy for inspecting it, hehe ^_^

but as pete would say, “candy rots your teeth.”