TBerilla: I am about to get PITT UNIV on line and view the campus with a camera that I can control from here.

thePfhitz: i’ve done things like that before – it’s neat

TBerilla: Well . i think we can say bye. Anything else?????

thePfhitz: here’s another cam you can try out: it’s steve wozniak, the guy who made the apple

TBerilla: OK . I will try wox. PITT is not working now.

thePfhitz: okey-doke

thePfhitz: right now someone’s controlling the camera, hehe

TBerilla: I got it right now. Works good.

thePfhitz: 🙂

TBerilla: All it shows is an empty office.

thePfhitz: yeah, he’s not in right now

TBerilla: I can see that.

thePfhitz: oh well – guess we’ll have to try during business hours, hehe

TBerilla: tx

TBerilla: I am looking outside his door and it is a dark night . big deal.

lol – my grandfather’s a hoot, hehe ^_^