oh, yeah… today we had too many stupid people come into work…

NO, you can’t exchange a phone you bought at radio shack for the same phone here but in a different color…

NO, complaining to me won’t get you a chair. i feel your pain, but i don’t feel sympathy for you.

NO, you can’t just walk up to the salespeople – you have to sign in with me first

NO, i don’t know exactly how long it’ll take for a salesperson to help you out… that’s why i tell you how many people are ahead of you instead

one old guy came up to me and asked me to take his name off the list because he’d come back later, and then he starts rambling about his old phone and keeps repeating himself and then he asked me “…so where am i in the line now?” “uh, sir? you just asked me to take your name off. so i did…” “oh, yeah…” *rambles some more*


but one guy saluted me today, hehe, and i also met a guy named bryan fitzpatrick… hehe…

i might get myself a verizon phone tomorrow to try it out… hah… me with two cell phones… i barely use one! ^_^; but this would only be until 15 days from getting the verizon phone (that’s how long the trial period is), or until my contract with sprint is up on november 20… then i’ll be back down to one phone