your lucky numbers are: 25 26 36 37 41 44 2 4 6

ouch ouch ouch ouch… my feet ACHE. 😛 i’m going to go and find me some dr. scholls pads or something to put inside my shoes which currently have no cushioning and no support. -_-;;

oh, and here’s something really eerie… i took that color quiz this morning and it was saying how my problem was that i needed “to be valued and respected as an exceptional individual, in order to increase his self-esteem and his feeling of personal worth.” and then i got to work at verizon, and found a scrap of paper on the floor… it was a fortune cookie fortune! and this fortune cookie fortune said:

“Others take notice of your radiance.”

aww, isn’t that sweet? a little fortune cookie fortune brightened my day! ^_^

and i may end up switching plans to verizion when my contract with sprint ends in two months… hmm…

ouch ouch ouch ouch… *rubs feet*

and my neighbor john gave us tickets for the navy football game on saturday against georgia tech… and i’m the only one in the family who can go! mom has to work, and dad, kelly, and anne are going to be out of town doing reenacting. and i can’t find anyone else who is free to go along… so only stu, dan, and myself are going to be going… are there 5 people out there in the annapolis area who want to go see a football game for free at noon? they should be really good seats (lower section, row 33, close to the 50-yard-line) if i read the seating chart correctly! ^_^