i don’t feel like working today. even though work is really just standing around. i’m about ready to fall asleep.

@home was down for about an hour or so after i woke up. so i couldn’t get on the ‘net and read my friends’ posts on livejournal. 😛 *smashes comcast @home* there’s a reason @home’s going bankrupt, and things like this is probably why.

i had a bagel. with cream-cheese. yum.

hah. the people on techtv were getting so excited about stupid things in windows xp. “ooh, you can do speech recognition!” morons. the mac os has had that for ages. 😛

and they showed off os 10.1 too… cool little demonstration (nothing that hadn’t been seen before, though, mind you), but the cameraman was stupid – they’d say “hey, you can move the dock to the sides of the screen now!” and he just sat there and zoomed on the processviewer. so at least we could see how much of the processor the dock was using, heh.

i get too much amusement from dragging my window all around the screen. lol.

i sent out my hard drive late last week (last thursday?). they recieved it on monday. fedex only just charged my credit card today. hah. and since maxtor’s site hates mac browsers, i had stu tell me the status of the replacement drive (it’s on order, apparently). they say they ship out replacement drives within 2 days of recieving one, so that means that they should be sending it out today. maybe i’ll get it on friday. either that or on monday. i’m off on both those days, so then i can have time to tinker with it, hehe.

i guess it’s time for a shower in a minute or two… then off to work until 9…