work work work, all day long, work work work while i sing my song!

a conversation with dan and peter:

zenmetsuuu: pyim2:dont pull a surprise visit



pyim2:bring glenn too

pyim2:ill hook him up with a fat chick


thePfhitz: thePfhitz: fat chicks are good... FOR ME TO POOP ON!

thePfhitz: :P

thePfhitz: pyim2: shut-up, you know you want it!

zenmetsuuu: LOL

picked up a book on unix and a book all about mac os x at barnes and noble after work today… on my first day of work today everyone kept saying to me “you know, someone’s probably already mentioned this to you, but if you can get your foot in the door here then it’s a really really great place to work ‘cos of all these benefits you can get”. one of my tower coworkers came in to see if standing at the door was really my job, hehehe. ^_^ and one guy came in who either works with or worked with the customer service department (over the phone, i suppose) and i mentioned to him how i hope i’m hired because i heard they can pay for my tuition…

guy: “yeah – that’s what they did for me… they paid for me to study information systems at umbc…”

me: “that’s exactly what i’m doing! how much of your tuition did they help pay for…?”

guy: “100% of it… they pay for it as long as you’re studying a major that can help with the company.”

ZOWIE! but now my feet hurt… partly from standing 8 hours and partly ‘cos they got sunburned… how do your feet get sunburned, you may ask? well…

the glenn guide to sunburning your feet or having them become radioactive and glow in the dark!

we went to this place near calvert cliffs (which is on the shore of the chesapeake bay) on labor day to look for sharks teeth. i went along even though i was very sleepy and so for most of the time i sat around in my chair and practiced my japanese on my handspring. ^_^;; mom thinks that i just went along since we were going out to eat, hehe. anyways, this beach we went to was only about a mile or so away from the calvert cliffs nuclear power plant – you can see it from the shore! ^^;;; it uses the bay to help cool the power plant. anyways, if my feet glow green then now i know why!

and we ended up going to eat at this place called Adam’s, The Place for “RIBS”. i was a bit skeptical (i mean, we weren’t eating ribs… we were eating “ribs”, where “ribs” could equal “roadkill”), but the food was really really really good! kelly and i shared a tenderloin steak (8oz. for $18! it BETTER be good! >.>), and i had some of the ribs mom got. yum!

oh, and the moral of the story is wear sunscreen on your feet if you don’t want your feet to get sunburned. ^_^;