word to your mother

nick and his girlfriend nancy dropped by out of the blue this afternoon ^_^ apparently today’s nancy’s birthday and they were out getting her bellybutton pierced and since they were close to my house they dropped by. ^^ so we all hung out here for a little while, then went off to fresh fields to go and grab some non-iodized salt for her to use with her piercing. we ended up walking around downtown annapolis and went to get ice cream and stopped in “city dock cafe”, a nice little coffeeshop. ^_^ i’d been there only once before when i was trying to find a job this summer, and i figured that it would be neat to try out some of the stuff there, so i got nick an apple juice, got nancy a lemonade, and got myself a lemonade and a bagel as well. too bad i didn’t get the cute girl that was working there, though. ~_^;;

and this weird guy was there too… he walked up to nancy out of the blue and said “what did the monkey say when the train ran over his tail? it won’t be long now…” ^_^;; so i told nick and nancy about something my dad told my family the other day – he was getting amtrak tickets for a business trip he’s on right now (did i mention he’s on a business trip this week in chicago? well, he is. ^_^;;), and this drunk guy walked up to him and got in his face and shouted “WHO LET ‘IM IN?? WAS IT THE RUSSIANS?? DID THE RUSSIANS LET HIM IN?? WHO LET ‘IM IN???” ^^;; my dad just left him alone and the drunk guy eventually wandered off, hehe.