“… uh, is that supposed to be as opposed to that ‘brand-x’ urine…?” – one of my co-workers after i read the above quote from an ad in a “high times” magazine i found at work, hehehe

did lots of work on my last day at tower… i wasn’t even on the schedule today (or yesterday for that matter), so i asked a supervisor if i was supposed to work today or not… he told me that i was probably already all removed from the schedule, so i didn’t have to work. but if i wanted to, i was sure welcome to it because there was lots of work to be done (and besides, i’d be making money). i figured that there really wasn’t anything better to do, and i could use some money, so i figured that i’d hang around until these two carts of cds were all put away and then head out and get to leave early. putting away those two carts took up the entire night. ^^; oh, well… if i wasn’t there all night i wouldn’t have quotes like the above quote, hehehe. ^_^;

i’m so used to getting a few days off after i work on the weekend that i keep having to remind myself that i’m working again tomorrow (through thursday, as a matter of fact) at verizon. good thing i bought myself some insoles for my work-shoes… that should help me feel better by the end of the day… ^_^

mmm… food time! yum yum! ^_^