wash, rinse, repeat

castle wolfenstein is amazing. ^__^ now only if there was a version for mac os 9, ‘cos then it would run much faster… either that, or if 10.1 was released right now… ^_^;;

nick says if i can get him a copy of my music video as an mpeg (hard for me myself to do since my hard drive died… ^^;;), he’ll try and find me a woman. anybody got a copy of my music video they downloaded that they can send me? fast? ^_^;;

i’ve got my “music to thug by” cd done. got it all mixed and burned – quite nice, hehe ^_^

bought myself a new alarm clock since i became so used to my old alarm that i wouldn’t notice it at all. this one is listed as being “super loud”. let’s hope so. ^_^;;

this guy (george) who recently transferred to work at my verizon store is pretty funny to work with… at his old store there wouldn’t be many girls who would walk by the store, so now when some girls go walking by our store now both he and i stand there and ogle. hehehe ^_^;; he’s really funny to work with ‘cos of this… some girl would leave the store and he’d come over to me and say “DAMN! she has a nice ass…” *girl gets in car* “…hey, that’s an awesome car… but who cares about that car… her ass is even better…” lol… ^_^

and i wish that the people who came into my store weren’t on average 1. lacking in the intelligence department and 2. lacking in patience and waiting-in-line skills. don’t tell me how to do my job – i don’t tell you how to do yours, and i do this job as best as a person can. it would help if i had something to assist me (like that program for my handspring i was talking about), but until i can get a chance to try coding for the handspring myself or until you can write me a program that i want yourself, shut up about it. 😛 and when you have a complaint, don’t complain to me – i don’t even work for verizon yet (so there’s really nothing i can do for you to take care of your complaint), and don’t make comments about the obvious (yes, we know we need to add benches or chairs or something in. yes, we know we remodeled the store a few months ago.) and when you come by the store, don’t come by between the hours of 11:30 – 2:00 / 5:00 – 7:30… that’s when we’re most busy! you’re not going to get (much less expect) speedy service at those times. 😛

george agreed with me that we should post on the window “rules for entering the verizon store” to keep out the riffraff. >.>

*deep breath* that makes me feel better. i should post that on the door to the store. -_-;;

ok, now time to go and get ready to repeat today’s events, and go to adecco to turn in my timesheet and go to fedex to mail off my package. g’night.