unprovoked. without warning.


world trade center has now collapsed. both towers, gone. kaput. apparently a commercial jetliner (jetliners?) was hijacked and crashed into each tower.

a helicopter crashed into the pentagon as well. (dad works in crystal city, about a mile or two away from the pentagon… no word from him yet, but he’s probably being evacuated right now. ^^;) now part of the pentagon has collapsed.

congress has been taken to a secure location. wall street is shut down. various trading centers are closed down.

on c-span right now people are calling in saying what they think about this attack. one guy said that he thought that this is an act of war. another said he recieved a call from his dad this morning, and his dad was in pearl harbor, and this reminded his dad of that. unprovoked. without warning. other people are calling in to c-span and are (still!) complaining about the election! >_< this is not a time to bitch and whine how your choice wasn't elected to office whether or not all the votes in florida were counted. that’s in the past. this is now.

“the government knows who did this and they need to do something about it now. not have a meeting on it, or wait 6 weeks or wait 6 months. they need to do something about it now!” – a caller on c-span

know what? this sucks. 😛