touch 'n go!

just got back from visitng evelyn and liz and bianca and everyone at “randy nekkid womens’ college” with susan and betsy, and now dan’s on his way here to pick me up to spirit me off to his house for some cowboy bebop watching and videogame playing! ^_^

hehehe, i’m feeling rather crazy tonight… i think it was that coffee i had at starbucks on the way home… i think someone added something to it, hehe. ^_^;

and now evelyn has a spiffy computer! and dan’ll be getting more memory! and i’ve got ideas for mix cds to start working on now! ^_^

hm… tonight i came up with the idea of sometimes seeing how many of my friends i can go and visit and see within 24 or 48 hours… just as a fun little experiment, hehe ^_^

there’s not going to be any sleep for me tonight! i’m too silly! ^__^