to quote a certain acadian, eh, you probably already know what he says… ~_^

today is a very very very good day ^____^ i had to keep from doing cartwheels and breaking out into a very very wide grin at work, hehehe ^__^;

nick got my music video last night! evelyn got my they might be giants mp3s! ^_^

i woke up and got out of the house early today! i got my hard drive to the fedex place and it’s shipped out now! i got my pictures back from the store! (incidentally, this particular store gives you a 10% discount if you work in the same shopping center where their store is located ^^) and all the pictures from otakon and the beach trip stu, susan, betsy, and i took came out pretty well! (a rarity for me ^_^;)

two people came in for interviews at work today, and one was a cute girl! ^__^ (george and myself paid her much attention discreetly ^_^;) here’s hoping she gets the job at my store… ^_^

i saw my dentist at work today! he dropped in and so we chatted for a bit! ^_^

there were no complaining customers at work today! (at least, none that complained to me!) ^__^ and the workday went by quickly as well! ^_^

this makes me HappyTM ^___^